Full Version: New to GTAV on PC, question.
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I've got a question about playing GTAV on PC. I'm having a hard time playing, using the keyboard & mouse is it possible to use my PS3 controller to play on PC? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!  Smile
Yeah you can use the controller on PC you have to download it its called DS3 Tool..

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You should know though, that aim assist will be unavailable unlesd you're in a session with only contcontroller users. I know that at least for me, aiming with a controller is a real pain, so i'd recommend you to spend some time and get used to keyboard/mouse. It will be much easier than a controller once you're used to it. It is said that aiming/shooting is best with keyboard and driving is best with a controller, if you can master them both, that would be ideal.
i don't know about ps3/ps4 controllers, but i use an old xbox 360 controller and it's great!  you don't have to install mods or any programs.  just plug it into a usb port and go for it!
You'll need a software like DS3 Tool so your PS3 controller is recognized as an Xbox controller.

I myself use a DS4 (with DS4Windows) most of the time when playing GTA 5. USB works, Bluetooth works too if you have a BT dongle.