Full Version: Cards Against Humanity | Sun. 09/17/17
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Game: Cards Against Humanity
Platform: PC
Date: Sunday, September 17, 2017
Time: 18:00 UK Time
Time Conversion Link: Click here
Schedule: Fun games of CAH

1) Listen to the host, Admins and Moderators.
2) Don't be annoying
3) Please join the TeamSpeak server, you will be required.

If you have a card pack that you want to include please say it in your post. 
If you have ideas for the NGG card pack please also write this in your post so we can include it.
Those who sign up will have priority over those who do not sign up. 
At the start of the event, I will give you a link to the game where you enter your username so you can join.

Sign up with your username:
01: First fgt
02:  2nd!
03: Lipfi333
05: H2O aka water
05: Thunder
06: Reb
07: Valy
08: CookedPorkchop
09: Randoom
10: DJChatters
11: Wildfyre
First fgt

LipFi333 meybe not sure
sure y not

Thunder0010 in
Maybe for me
Valy is in
[Image: 09277276fa959cb693c71289887e874b.png]
I'm possibly in.
Event finished