Full Version: UUUH moving to Florida tomorrow
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Will be on the road for two-three days!  Be good boys and girls!

=bj  Cry
Call HQHD he's a pilot haha! take care of yourself BJ...
its just 2-3 days. stop crying
I m cryingggggg
Don't die on your way to FL
Bye dad.
See you soon and be safe
ok i woke up this morning with all my shit packed, and there's a goddamn snow storm outside!  holding off til wednesday i guess.  ffs.
Lol GG.
'be good boys and girls' 

But were not boys and girls, 
We are raccoons
i agree  Smile
Neaksy and BJ right now:
[Image: kNb7Dc8.gif]
We will miss you dad Sad
Drive safe dude
Have a safe trip