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Please vote for 2 options above: 1 from options 1-4 and 1 from options 5-6

Game: GTA V Online
Platform: PC
Date:  19th November 2017
Time: 18:30 UK Time
Time Conversion Link: Click here for your local time
Schedule:  The poor mans car show (see below) Trying out different things which may be fun or not

[Image: 5EXRCUCDCUuroDySCYcYAA_0_0_small.jpg]

1) Listen to the host, admins and moderators!
2) Don't Troll in any gamemodes and Don't be inconsiderate on TeamSpeak
3) Please make sure you are on TeamSpeak:
4) Your TeamSpeak must be working before you join the event, if you are having trouble please ask a staff member or me!
5) No asking to be a crook, you will not be liked (Except staff) 
6) Do not be a potato! for one part of the event, if you do not listen or blow stuff up, you will be removed from the lobby instantly until we move on and i will decide whether you can stay or go!

You are expected to read and obey these rules and gamemode specific rules.

Poor Mans car show rules:
·        Personal Vehicles are not allowed! New Plan- add what you like to it and you can make it personal- damn gta messed up my plan
·        You must find any vehicle on the street and customise it! If you are poor and have no money please message me before the event so we can arrange stuff!
·        It must be a customisable vehicle so no high end vehicles or trucks etc, make it look good
·        Listen to host/ staff when organising the car show, I don’t want a mess like how the helicopter show went. If you destroy your vehicle or someone else's you must get a new one and re-customise it to how it was before
·        Please vote on whether you would like to speak about your cars or not!
·        Group photo too!
If you want me to host a certain map/gamemode then send me a PM with a link to the social club map

Sign Up with your social club name to be added: (you must accept a friend request from me by the time the event starts
01: Leopard.Gaming (Host)
02: MauriceZockt [Added]
03: Randoom [Added]
04: XealGamer [Added]
05: martijnstrik04 [Request sent]
06: Mad_Dog100 [Added]
07: ValyNely [Added]
08: Miksacool_ [Added]
09: FarinStoneHammer(Shodan) [Added] 
10: Bluefox150630 [Added]
11: Linckel [Added]
12: MustacheLT [Added]
13: UMADBRO_OKAY [Added]
14: Lionek [Added]
15: Lipfi333 [Added]
16: icant68 [Added]
17: Strater1 [Added]
18: Rosastare1991 [Added]
19: NotGreatAtGaming [Added]
20: Thunder0010 [Added]
21: Ommeskjern [Added]
22: Slapukaz [Added]
23: GTAHQHD [Added]
24: Nico_1258 [Added]
25: CookedPorkchop13 [Added]
26: T-deanomus [Request sent]
27: Shojiritsu [Request sent]
29: Nuckelavee95X [Request sent]
30: Hiccup32 [Request sent]
31: Lolzfepaa [Added]
32: Sandhulyfe [Request sent]
33: Will0wPlayz [Added]
34: H20 derpman [Added]
35: VendettaFalcon [Added]
36: aapieG [Request sent]
37: Dreper400 [Added]
38: ITz_CR1ZLY [Request sent]
39: Jarnoboy010 [Request sent]
40: Permafrosty [Added]

Maybe - randoom.

Can't make it
im inn

can i join to?


(i have 153000 dollar. Is that enough?)
I will try. may be a bit late though since I work on Fridays. Like last Friday.

If ill be home.  Maybe. Valy
I am in:Miksacool_
I'm in BlueFox150630
probably, Linckel

Questions: Can it be a Benny's vehicle? Do we have to get the vehicle in the event lobby? Do we have to use something like the regina, or are we allowed to use cars like the schwarzer ?(because "poor mans") And added to the last question, are we allowed to get cars like dubsta 2?
(11-14-2017, 02:02 PM)M4uriceZockt Wrote: [ -> ]maybe


You're hosting an event yourself at this time lol.
Add me MustacheLT

Edit: Yea i'm interested in car meets but it would be better if their car looks good as normal no ugly lol...

maybe LipFi333

I'll be there,

Im a poor man i must enter this event
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