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What desktop Background are you using?

Mine as of August 2016. 

[Image: Anime_Black_Rock_Shooter_828660.jpg]
[Image: desktop_zps1mozembq.png]
What's that tab on top?
(08-01-2016, 10:13 AM)SirRandoom Wrote: [ -> ]What's that tab on top?

Cisco Jabber - soft phone for work, so it is if I am at the site in Southern California (saves on overseas calls).
[Image: SMKayCA.png]
since may 2016.
[Image: desktop.jpg]


[Image: 4sktrBc.png]
[Image: 7863a263f2a48ea8379ea0c9b05c8aea.jpg]
[Image: NvE61Eg.jpg]
Oh, another desktop thread disappeared....

[Image: jhElpyT.jpg]
[Image: 131311dc8899fad28511e1d00a2ee953.png]


[Image: d8547ddb13a64c08a8afee3cc9e8606c.png]
[Image: L167PwB.png]
(08-09-2016, 02:40 AM)Misfit Wrote: [ -> ][Image: L167PwB.png]

I love it
Confused who removed my post?

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(08-27-2016, 11:31 AM)Lenichelle Wrote: [ -> ]Confused who removed my post?

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If you posted it after the 18th it didn't save
[Image: 3ba5fffb50a94532b8a722d0d79fea73.png]
September issue. Since my birthday is in September it only seemed fitting to post this one. 

[Image: Birthday_song_for_miku.jpg]
[Image: e65a050675d5040b326ceffea8ca12c7.jpg]
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