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Game: Grand Theft Auto V
Platform: PlayStation 4
Date: Sunday, April 23rd, 2017.
Time Conversion Link: Click Here
Schedule: Custom gamemodes and player submitted jobs

[Image: 9341b9a4b05d22bf5d1175319d9d182f.png]

If you don't like my jobs, I can respect that.
Please link me maps you want to play during the event and I will host them. Thanks.

Sign up with your Social Club username:
02. Alecstilleyedye
03. Monaghan13 
04. Carlos1637
05. CarlosIbrahim
06. ilkertnr42
07. i_am_groot2014
08. agentiln
09. DatBoiOnline
10. MattHDGamer813
11. stifler013
12. WinterJacob007
13. about_30Africans
14. ali0122344
15. madmatz
16. monaghan13
17. SomeGuyHunter
18. zocker_fred13
19. Demoi16
20. LT_Pickle123
21. FreshBluePrince
22. Xx_KillinMustuh
23. theerainguy
24. Third-Rail720
25. milfhunter-6
26. Demolisher44
27. dragonblader4
28. egemenylmz
29. Gesplat
30. ajswaggaming 
31. BVB_Legend17
32. Significant_pro
33. Pinedaarmando41
34. Black_dragon418
35. pinedaarmando41
36. Galaxy2320048
37. Adamchallas402 
38. DantieDevil1000
39. Xar_King
This thread is to SIGN UP for events, not to post that you're not gonna join. Sign up or don't post.
I'll join but I'm not talking
I going to join
Social club username: Carlos1637
PS4: CarlosIbrahim
I going to join 

Ps ID: ilkertnr42
I'll try one event: i_am_groot2014.
psn agentiln
still comeing but I like leni
(04-17-2017, 02:19 PM)BrapsMcswagger Wrote: [ -> ]I'll try one event: i_am_groot2014. Just saying that you people were saying leni was unfit to host events because she wouldn't talk, so why appoint HQ as a new ps4 host.

That's not the reason why she was removed as event host. Her inabillity to talk had nothing to do with it.
Will attend event for the first time ever, social club: DatBoiOnline
In MattHDGamer813
Lets have a little looksey at the magic in Mr HQ's World

Although a little ill I will still join. Psn: WinterJacob007
In about_30Africans
Social club name:ali0112334
I will join !
I'm in madmatz
I'm In monaghan13
I'm in!
PSN - SomeGuyHunter
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