Full Version: A wild Dadditude appears!
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Howdy! My name (at least on the internet) is Dadditude. I'm 43 years old, married for 24 years this December, and I have a son who will be 23 in October. I am an avid gamer, though I wouldn't say I'm the most skilled at it. I've been playing GTA Online since day one, first on Xbox 360, then on Xbox One, and now on PC as well. I still mostly play on Xbox One, since I have more toys on there. Tongue

I found this site thanks to GTAMissions channel on YouTube. Looks like you people know how to have fun. I look forward to hopefully joining in one day soon.
Hey, welcome to the forums!

To join the fun, check the Events section of the forum and sign up for the events, or just hop onto our TeamSpeak server, there's people usually playing in the evening (Europe time)

We play on PC 99% of the time, by the way.
(07-07-2017, 01:40 PM)Randoom Wrote: [ -> ]We play on PC 99% of the time, by the way.

Guess that means I gotta work on getting more toys on PC, then.  Tongue
Welcome to NGG! we have old guys like dj chatters, reb and others. hope you enjoy your stay...