Full Version: The new car is out yet!
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If you’ve never been able to decide between vintage vogue and cutting-edge chic, the Grotti Cheetah Classic will let you have it both ways. This beauty has been setting trends and breaking records ever since it rolled off the production line three decades ago, so if you want to ooze class and rocket fuel all at the same time, your number just came up. The Cheetah Classic is now available exclusively at Legendary Motorsport.
On seeing this posted on the Legendary Motorsports website is didn't look like anything special, then when it arrived in CEO garage it looked smaller then the other 2 Sports Classics Turismo & Infernus.

But then I drove it into the Customs garage..... and the wide choice of modifications available is amazing.

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(07-11-2017, 05:50 PM)SawyerJF Wrote: [ -> ][Image: Geijao_7dkSWZFSJ13qwrA_0_0.jpg]

McDonald's colors lol.