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Grand Theft Auto Online Everything we know about Imprt/Export.
Posted by: Kartov93 - 12-03-2016, 02:46 PM - Forum: Grand Theft Auto - Replies (2)

(Before you start reading this , There is a quick thread from GTAHQHD about the new leaks. So if you dont want to read all of this just go and check it out. Thread is Here)

We all know whats the next update for GTA Online , Import/Export. If you live under a rock and dont know whats the next update then Here is whats coming up for GTA Online in this very month.
Ill start from R*'s newswire. 

In the first photo we can see some sort of a show floor : [Image: ba553377ec7593362d9a35b25473c0b443055d30.jpg]
The orange car is unknown and probobly a new car , Same for the purple/blue car on the right side. All of the other cars are already in game and ready for you to purchase.

Second photo isnt something very interesting so ill skip over it.

Third photo is also quite boring because all we can see is in game cars and nothing new. 

Fourth photo is really interesting : [Image: 3f610baf32fcf303f6d111abce3afc09cc540072.jpg]
 This car looks like the same car used in The fast & and the furious 6 : [Image: screen_shot_2013-05-08_at_10.00.48_am.png].

Some points i would like to mention from R*'s newswire

  •  ''New Vehicle Warehouses will house the results of your importing and exporting operations, while CEOs can also reap the fruits of their labor with expansions to the Executive Office buildings. Add massive Executive Office Garages with up to three floors of showroom quality storage for as many as 60 vehicles, complete with customizable décor and a Custom Auto Show''
          What all of this means? Well , To start off we could buy new vehicle warehouese to store cars that we get by doing this jobs. 
          We could also buy massive executive office garages with 3 showfloors for you to show off your cars. It could hold up to 60 cars! Maybe 20 cars per floor.
          Maybe even a custom auto shop in your own garage , Same as in the Bikers update.
  • ''Savvy CEOs know there's always more for the taking. With GTA Online: Import/Export it's time to muscle into the lucrative and specialized field of high-volume exotic car theft.''
  • ''Modify and resell the most wanted vehicles in the city for big profits''
  • ''All While staying one step ahead of the police and rival challengers from across the city and countryside.''
         We can understand that this jobs/missions will be CEO jobs/missions.
         What we will need to do is to steal high end cars , Modify them & And after that you will be able to sell them for big profite.
         Maybe some of this jobs/missions will be outside of Los santos and will be on Blaine county , Sandy shores ect.


Yan2295 (a trusted leaker that leaked alot of stuff regarding DLC's/updates that did came true) posted something really interesting over on his twitter. It's a forum of some sorts talking about the next DLC and some anonymous guy posted this (Here you can find the forum) : 

Next DLC is an expansion of the CEO shit.

Its all about cars, running an Import Export warehouse, where you jack cars in missions from the street, then mod them to sell them to buyers according to their specifications.

There's also going to be "Special Vehicle Missions" added to the game, and these vehicles are insane. The dude who wanted Twisted Metal shit, he got his wish, sort of.

There's a Dune buggy with a ramp on the front, and it can scoop cars and bikes hundreds of feet into the air without being stopped.

There's a Boxville we've kitted out with an turret, armour plating and a huge scoop on the front. Nothing stops it when it gets moving.

The Boxville can get things out of its road, but what if you don't like the shape? We're gonna add a Phantom with a big wedge on the front. Its faster than hell and clears entire roads with no issue.

Anyone like the Ruiner? Well, we've made one that can jump, has a parachute (yes, it can glide for miles), guns and rockets that can home in or not. Its essentially KITT. I wouldn't be surprised if we got a lawsuit.

How about quads? There's going to be an amphibious Blazer, with dual machine guns attached. Drive from land to sea, all you like, seamlessly.

And if you just like big beefy cars, there'll be an amphibious Technical as well, turret and all. Not much to say about this one. Its got big barrels on each side that help it float.

And best of all, there's a new Voltic, with a huge rocket engine on the back. Hit the horn button and you'll fly forward at top speed thanks to the rocket boost on the back. Its usable on ground and in mid-air, so you can chuck yourself off Mount Chiliad and sail forever.

They'll all be usable in freemode, after finishing their specific missions.

(Yan posted that the number of new cars that will come to GTA Online with this update is 25. Yan's tweet)

Yan did confirmed this and he said it will come on the 13th of this month which is a tuesday and that is when R* release thiere DLC/Updates (Yan's tweet). Which also makes sense becouse of christmas. When ever there is a Holiday , R* just add it to the game without pusing out an update. How? They release the content before on a DLC of some sorts and make it locked untill the holiday when they unlock it for everyone. So there is no update to download. 

TBH this sounds way way over the top. We did saw the flipping car but a car that can jump , parachute & a quadbike that has machine guns attached to it sounds alittle over the top. I mean dont get me worng this is fucking awesome but i dont belive that R* will actually do that. If they will add such cars into the game they could be OP and ruin the game , But NGG we could do some amazing stunts!

So what do you think about the cars? Over the top & Fake or real and you hope to kill everyone with them?  Wink

Grand Theft Auto Online HUGE Leak about the next DLC.
Posted by: GTAHQHD - 12-02-2016, 10:51 PM - Forum: Grand Theft Auto - Replies (16)

There's this huge leak about the next DLC, Yan2295 reached out to someone who confirmed that most of it is legit.

Credit: Yan2295.

Here's what it contains: 

[Image: CyssoPbWgAUHTUp.jpg:large]
Note: This is not confirmed, so don't get your hopes up, yet.

Original Twitter Post: Click here.
Original Source: Click here.

What do you think about this? Post your thoughts in the topic.

Grand Theft Auto IV PC Event | Grand Theft Auto 4 | Sun. 12/11/16
Posted by: GTAHQHD - 12-02-2016, 08:44 PM - Forum: Finished/Cancelled Events - Replies (21)

Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
Platform: PC
Date: Sunday, December 11th, 2016.
Time Conversion Link: Click Here
Schedule: Races, Demolition Derbies, BUSTED! & More

[Image: cf8ca0ca50fb68a22dbe74453dc0f43b.png]

Please Read: 

Rockstar Games recently released a patch for GTA 4 that fixed the multiplayer issues. It can be downloaded here.
Once downloaded, install it and you're good to go. 

If you have any issues or questions, please don't be afraid to ask. 


Sign up with your Games for Windows Live username:
02. MauriceZockt (Co-host)

Grand Theft Auto Online PC Event | GTA Online | Sat. 12/10/16
Posted by: Stinger - 12-02-2016, 11:48 AM - Forum: Finished/Cancelled Events - Replies (66)

[Image: 1KsJDKa.png] 

Game: GTA V 
Platform: PC
Date: Saturday, December 10th, 2016
Time: 19:30 UTC+2
Time Conversion Link: Click Here
Schedule: Loads of stuff, endurance race first.

If you want me to host a certain map/gamemode then send me a PM with a link to the social club map

Sign up with your Social Club username:
01. Stinger
02. lilou2g
03. adampajer99
04. H20_Delilrous
05. Slapukaz
06. MauriceZockt
07. AndrexoHD
08. Neobite-VE
09. ItsChristi
11. GTAevents
12. DjChatters
13. Spark_36
14. Mr_Pannier_9600
15. strater1
16. ValyNely
17. Thunder0010
18. SeanWasEre_YuTbe
19. Doctor_Fruitbat
20. TheFeltzer
21. SirRandoom
22. shiron2015
23. ELIAS5546
24. AustenGaming
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26. ElecticZap
27. Kartov93
28. sorto540
29. Shadypig17
30. Thesdamos
31. solmex
32. Slime_Timebelt
33. deniz232323
34. Blazeit_420
35. Vist4A
36. Thomas_muur
37. danyal900
38. Mem.Pama
39. themanfromtheUK
40. FunboyFTW
41. Kepler01
42. WaifuTehBoss
43. gameblock23
44. Sukinidachi
45. Kamimash
46. ethan1201
47. cactuskid5
48. Plucky67
49. Legendtydude
50. siser2212
51. kevindd26
52. PeppersGhost
53. LipFi333
54. Have2Fun
55. ZimtFabio
56. TalkativeRockw12
57. Mike15_000
58. shazamdaman123
59. Rockses123
60. kevindd26
61. n33dm0ney
62. Dreper400
63. evildph
64. Kasp_LB-_-
65. DeadlyJelly123
66. Lionek98
67. SloxTheDlox
68. gtamissions

1) Listen to the host, admins and moderators.
2) Don't troll.
3) Don't keep asking for things, like asking to be the crook.
4) Please make sure you are on TeamSpeak:
5) Be a human or a banana

Grand Theft Auto Online NEW GUY INFO NEED TO KNOW
Posted by: UncreatedGrunt0 - 12-01-2016, 11:21 PM - Forum: Introduction - Replies (2)

Hey guys im new but sorry if i dont play with you guys im getting a new xbox one s but i also dont have normal wifi but idk my time zone but if you guys update me i live in washington pa thank Wink 

btw i also subscribe and love your guys work

Posted by: Kartov93 - 12-01-2016, 09:09 PM - Forum: General Chit-Chat - Replies (2)

I hope that this will work , I thought that this would be a nice idea for people to get to know each other.
So this thread is to ask anyone anything.

Just tag/wirte his name and ask a question & Hopfully they will answer that question

Ill start. 

gtamission : Do you have a real life job?

Grand Theft Auto Online PC Event | GTA Online | Sun. 12/04/16
Posted by: Neaksy - 12-01-2016, 04:54 PM - Forum: Finished/Cancelled Events - Replies (42)

[Image: 1KsJDKa.png]

Game: Grand Theft Auto V
Platform: PC
Date: Sunday, December 4, 2016
Time: 18:00 GMT+1 France
Time Conversion Link: Click here
Schedule: I don't fucking know.


Sign up with your Social Club/GFWL/PSN etc. username:
01. Neaksy
02. ItsChristi (maybe)
03. Thomas_muur (maybe)
04. Dreper400 (late)
06. REB-Freek
07. lionek98
08. adampajer99
09. Neobite-VE
10. FunboyFTW (maybe)
11. MauriceZockt (maybe)
12. Thunder0010
13. AustenGaming
14. ValyNely
15. strater1
16. lilou2g
17. H20_Delilrous
18. Slapukaz
19. KickslikeBoom
20. AndrexoHD
21. progunner12345
22. DjChatters
23. Kamimash
24. SeanWasEre_YuTbe
25. TheFeltzer
26. Flintwood
27. DyingShadow48
28. SirRandoom
29. deniz232323
30. Slime_Timebelt
31. monsterkileur
32. LipFi333 (maybe)
33. CaptinNooB
34. Hotshot00000
35. Sonicroden
36. Kartov93
38. gtamissions

1) I'll mute you if you're a squeaker/annoying little shit. If you piss me off I'll kick you.
2) If you're still trolling despite multiple warnings, you're getting banned for two weeks.
3) You don't like the rules, then don't sign up and fuck off. Thank you.

Grand Theft Auto Online Hello Everyone! New recruit here!
Posted by: WarsenJ - 12-01-2016, 04:08 AM - Forum: Introduction - Replies (2)

Ello everyone! The name is War, or Warsen, or what ever the hell ya want to call me![Image: tumblr_static_kirby.png] 
Ill be joinin in randomly, so don't expect me to always come. Hope everyone accepts me and isn't a 10 year old who putts their mouth on a mic 5 times a min! Tongue

Grand Theft Auto Online Ps4
Posted by: LaZe_CoCo - 12-01-2016, 01:03 AM - Forum: General Chit-Chat - Replies (1)

Smile  are we gonna play on ps4

Posted by: Daikenki - 11-30-2016, 01:03 AM - Forum: Grand Theft Auto - Replies (17)

  • Added error code "WTV270" to indicate a problem with connecting to Windows Live Sign in Assistant / Games for Windows Live Servers.
  • Added Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 to compatible OS check.
  • Added Display Controller image in Controller Configuration.
  • Fixed a bug which made completing "Out of Commission" mission impossible when frame rate exceeds 60fps.
  • Fixed a bug with the "Resource Usage" indicator on graphics cards with more than 2GB of VRAM.
  • Fixed a bug that restricted settings changes when using modern video cards.
  • Fixed a bug with the map crosshair on certain resolutions.
  • Fixed a bug with text scrolling in "Brief" Menu.
  • Fixed "drawlist overflow" crash.
  • Minor performance optimizations.

Source - https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-.../235650888

Link to update the login servers  - https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-.../235721567