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Grand Theft Auto Online Lionek GP (clean race)
Posted by: Lionek - 04-09-2018, 06:00 PM - Forum: Member Created Jobs - No Replies

[Image: 2_0.jpg]
Title: Lionek GP
Type: Race
Min-Max players: 1-30
Description: Just clean race
Link: http://rsg.ms/8588bf5

you found a issue or i build too bad, PM me

you found a issue or i build too bad, PM me

  Oppsressor Nerfed and Checkpoint hitboxes ruined.
Posted by: Mad_Dog - 04-09-2018, 04:28 AM - Forum: Grand Theft Auto - Replies (2)

As of the latest update with hotring races, many of you may have noticed a couple of things in the game have been changed for the worse thanks to RockStar.

1. The Oppressor has been nerfed in two major ways. One of them is the Bike's top speed while in flight. It's top speed when using the rocket in the air has been reduced by 20 mph. You can no longer glide as fast as you use to. The second is you can no longer use the bike glitch. The Oppressor's leaning abilities have been limited. You can no longer lean back far enough to do the bike glitch. which really sucks in Transformation races and the like.

2. Checkpoint hitboxes have been glitched. somehow Rockstar has managed to ruin checkpoints by trying to adjust their hitboxes to be more realistic. This however has led to some checkpoints being badly glitched and not registering a vehicle as it passes by. This is due to the checkpoint's hitbox glitching to only register a vehicle as it goes through a certain way and not just when it goes through it (like clipping the edge of the check point to have a faster racing line). Plane Checkpoints in Transformation and air races have suffered the worst of this as you are forced to fly right through the center of them to work. Especially the ones that force you you have your plane in a certain position to be registered or you get a slowdown. The other regular Checkpoints have also been glitched. In some hotring, stunt, circuit, and transformation races some checkpoints are not registering a vehicles as it passes through. La Mesa and Downtown hotring races, 90* transformation, and stunt races Spinner, Gauntlet, and In the City  have suffered the worst of this.

Grand Theft Auto Online Racing Results 4/8/18
Posted by: WildFyre - 04-08-2018, 07:05 PM - Forum: Event Discussion - Replies (2)

[Image: b4d85df0459d216b2d0caa8cf1b8f30a.png]
Yellow highlight is the fastest lap.

Grand Theft Auto V GTA V PS4 no online events???
Posted by: ensar_2569 - 04-08-2018, 07:27 AM - Forum: Grand Theft Auto - Replies (1)

Guys why are there no PS4 online events?????

Posted by: Geeert - 04-07-2018, 09:53 PM - Forum: General Chit-Chat - Replies (5)

Guys, stay focused, and don't try to talk shit about Stinger's cheese. Serious talk.

Grand Theft Auto Online PC Event | GTA Online | Fri. 04.13.18
Posted by: Leopard.Gaming - 04-07-2018, 12:29 PM - Forum: Finished/Cancelled Events - Replies (35)

[Image: 1KsJDKa.png]

Game: GTA V Online
Platform: PC
Date: Friday 13th April 2018
Time: 18:30 UK Time
Time Conversion Link: Click Here
Schedule: There will be stunt races, LTS's, DM's and the other things we didnt get to do last week.

Event specific rules:
1) Listen to the host, Admins and Moderators.
2) MODS are not permitted, if you are caught using them there will be a severe consequence.
3) Please join the TeamSpeak server, crucial information will be given there.
4) Teamspeak IP address: Click here for help
5) Do Not Troll in any gamemode and Do Not be inconsiderate on TeamSpeak.

You are expected to read and follow these rules and gamemode specific rules.

Sign up with your Social Club username:
01: Leopard.Gaming
02: TAJLN8
03: H20_delilrious
04: Light__Switch
05: VendettaFalcon
06: MustacheLT
07: S111C222F333
08: Daequil
09: Randoom
10: Autistic_re7ard
12: Truecountryman
13: Bluefox150630
14: Emklio12
15: Crisistrooper7
16: Deeter98
17: Ken_BlockTR
18: MauriceZockt
19: Stinger
20: Thunder0010
21: GreenManCZ
22: Slapukaz
23: Strater1
24: Rosastar1991
25: Permafrost
26: ShaDowE69
27: DiscountDekwa
28: mem.pamal
29: Valy
30: Dreper400
31: Taxnation
32: Sir.valentino
33: CY4N_T34L
34: gtamishuns
35: BrorsanP2
36: Neaksy

  Shit Has Hit The Fan
Posted by: Kepler - 04-07-2018, 09:01 AM - Forum: General Chit-Chat - Replies (1)

So. Where to start. Lets start from the begining.

So on the 29th March 2018 me and my partner split and has kicked me out (Kind of). What with having no where else to live and she knows what its like having no where to live she is letting me stay at hers until i can get a place of my own.

The arrangements are me sleeping in a sleeping bag on a mattress in the kitchen. I have to be out of the house at 8am and can come back at 6pm. Which is driving me crazy and looking to get something asap even if its just somewhere temporary until i get somewhere more permanent.

I am resisted with Homefinder (My local councils housing department) and currently on Band 3 (Band 1 being a main priority, like me and Band 5 being someone who has somewhere but just wants to move) I can apply for properties every Wednesday but can only apply for 2. 

Once im offered somewhere i can go for a viewing and a few days after that i can sign for the keys and that place will be mine. Then its just moving everything in there. I not be homeless anymore.

I could go private which would require me to pay upfront a bond of around £400 to £600 of which i dont have. So council is the only way at the moment.

Once im back i will be focusing on Events, Joining you guys at random times playing random games and focusing on my youtube channel. 

Like i said before. Not leaving NGG. Your not gonna get rid of me that easy. Your stuck with me for life bitches

Grand Theft Auto V PC Event | GTA Racing Event | 04/08/18
Posted by: WildFyre - 04-06-2018, 10:37 PM - Forum: Finished/Cancelled Events - Replies (15)

[Image: 1KsJDKa.png]
Game: Grand Theft Auto V
Platform: PC
Date: Sunday, April 8th
Time: 18:00 UK Time / 12:00 US Central
Time Conversion Link: Check Time Here
Schedule: Car Meetup, Racing!

What You Need To Know:
1) You're joining to race. If you're not wanting to race don't show up.
2) Follow the rules - Stated Below -
3) At the beginning of every race there will be a slow lap to get used to the track.
4) All races will use these settings: Time Of Day : Noon, Weather : Clear, Custom Vehicles : On, Catchup : Disabled, Slipstream : Disabled.
5) Car Classes that will be used: Supers, Sports, Sports Classic, SUV's, and Coupes.
6) This will be competitive you'll get no prize! But you'll get to have fun!
7) Starting positions will be based off of the first race. With last place starting in first on the next race. And First place starting in last on the following race.
8) There will be roughly 10 races.

Clean Racing Rules:
1) Do not ram people on purpose.
2) If you spin someone out or pass them in a dirty way, let that person pass you. (even if you have lag)
3) If someone is lapping you then let them pass. You're nothing to them.
4) Make sure the road is clear if you need to get back on it.
5) Don't yell. (I'm serious here)
For more info on clean racing, watch this video.

Event Rules:
1) Listen to the host and Admins. Or you will be taken care of by a moderar!
2) No mods will be allowed. I do not want your moneya.
3) Join the teamspeak or your not gonna be able to play.
You are expected to read and follow these rules and gamemode specific rules.

Sign up with your Social Club username and the statement "Melted Cheese"
[Image: thinking-face_1f914.png]
01. iTzFyre_ 
02. Daequil
03. Leopard.Gaming (CO-HOST)
04. Stinger
05. UMADBRO_OKAY (Car Show)
06. Randoom
07. ValyNely
08. Missiman1
09. Strater1
10. xPermaFrostx
11. hardcorecactus
12. Slapukaz
13. BreakerBait
14. Rosastar1991
15. lionek98
16. Truecountryman

Grand Theft Auto Online Build a bridge with Chernobog
Posted by: Lionek - 04-04-2018, 11:26 AM - Forum: Member Created Jobs - Replies (3)

[Image: 2_0.jpg]
Title: 1Chernobog bridge
Min-max players: 2-30 why not 32
Description: Just make a bridge to deliver the Riata
Rules (if needed): Listen to Host! Host choosing who drive the chernobog or riata. Chernobog drivers will take the grenades and Fagaloa car and suicide to get a Chernobog.
Link: http://rsg.ms/bc44ce0

Grand Theft Auto Online 8-track one windmill race
Posted by: Lionek - 04-03-2018, 08:38 PM - Forum: Member Created Jobs - No Replies

[Image: 2_0.jpg]
Title: One windmill race
Type: Race
Min-max players: 2-30
Description: Be ready with bad windmill.
Link: http://rsg.ms/58d945f