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New to GTAV on PC, question. - NebulasXReyVoid - 09-13-2017

I've got a question about playing GTAV on PC. I'm having a hard time playing, using the keyboard & mouse is it possible to use my PS3 controller to play on PC? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!  Smile

RE: New to GTAV on PC, question. - UMADBRO_OKAY - 09-13-2017

Yeah you can use the controller on PC you have to download it its called DS3 Tool..

Edit: Welcome to PC Master Race!

RE: New to GTAV on PC, question. - Parkchap - 09-14-2017

You should know though, that aim assist will be unavailable unlesd you're in a session with only contcontroller users. I know that at least for me, aiming with a controller is a real pain, so i'd recommend you to spend some time and get used to keyboard/mouse. It will be much easier than a controller once you're used to it. It is said that aiming/shooting is best with keyboard and driving is best with a controller, if you can master them both, that would be ideal.

RE: New to GTAV on PC, question. - gtamissions - 09-15-2017

i don't know about ps3/ps4 controllers, but i use an old xbox 360 controller and it's great!  you don't have to install mods or any programs.  just plug it into a usb port and go for it!

RE: New to GTAV on PC, question. - Neaksy - 09-16-2017

You'll need a software like DS3 Tool so your PS3 controller is recognized as an Xbox controller.

I myself use a DS4 (with DS4Windows) most of the time when playing GTA 5. USB works, Bluetooth works too if you have a BT dongle.