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wazzuuup - Primo_Del_Diablo - 10-10-2017

hey everyone im Primo.. not 1 bit spanish just picked the name since i liked it  Laughing
im in Denmark buuut moving to USA because of my fiance (who is also a gamer)

we are going to get set up when im there for some more pc gaming and then it could be cool to catch up with some new friends and if lucky enough to join the Racoon squad haha

right now because of costs to the move im only playing gta 5 on my ps3 but it will be changed soon enough hopefully  Wink

see yall around!!   Cool

RE: wazzuuup - BlueFox150630 - 10-10-2017

welcome and have fun

RE: wazzuuup - UMADBRO_OKAY - 10-10-2017

Welcome to NGG!