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Modding in events - Stinger - 10-28-2017

Lately we've been seeing more and more mods in events and it is getting out of hand. That's why I want to remind you all of this rule: 
Quote:B6. Unless stated otherwise on the event topic, no one is allowed to have mods, hacks or trainers during events. Not following this rule may result in a permanent ban.
We're going to be more strict again regarding this rule. This means that if you're caught using mods you will be banned without warning. 
This rule excludes administrators (so not moderators), H20 and GTAHQHD and anyone else who has explicitly been given permission to use mods for a certain cause. For those people the use of mods is limited to that cause only, nothing more.
Using mods to gain an advantage in gamemodes, even if mods are allowed on the event, will always result in a ban.

If you have mods installed which you use outside of events, then make sure they are either uninstalled or completely disabled during events so that there won't be any accidents. Accidents regarding mods will also result in a ban.