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Hello! - Shojiritsu - 11-12-2017

Ive been watching a whole bunch of videos on stunts for GTA v online and I would like to join in on the fun because the game is getting slightly boring. I could not find a way to start stunts and I found this forum after watching some videos.

RE: Hello! - UMADBRO_OKAY - 11-13-2017

Welcome to NGG, thanks for choosing our crew! hope you enjoy your stay..

RE: Hello! - BlueFox150630 - 11-13-2017

welcome to our communtity

RE: Hello! - Ghost.1579 - 11-23-2017

Hey I'm Ghost and these are my *friends* I think (not so sure about some people but they are all nice) enjoy your stay and sit back relax as we cruise at 30000 ft past not having a life.