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Time friendly? - Shojiritsu - 11-13-2017

Hello. Im pretty new here but so far I realized that the times aren't really friendly to much people. Im still in High school and I can only play 4:30 after. About 9 PM from UK is a good time because it is not to late for U.K, and is not to early for U.S.

RE: Time friendly? - Randoom - 11-13-2017

The events usually last a few hours, so you can join at any time you're able to.

RE: Time friendly? - Stinger - 11-13-2017

What Randoom said.

Starting an event at 9pm UK time would be too late for a lot of Europeans (especially the ones who are 2 hours ahead of the UK). They'd be able to join for a bit, but not very long. It's impossible to find a good time for everyone, but the current time seems to work out the best for most people.