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Hosting Rust event? - kasper - 11-14-2017

Hi everyone.

So I was thinking if there are enough people (10 players+) who own Rust then why not we try to play together and get a clan going in an official rust server?
We will be powerful once we got the resources. It will take time though in the beginning to start a base and gathering resources.

What do you guys think?
Please tell me if you are interested Big Grin

RE: Hosting Rust event? - Randoom - 11-14-2017

We've played Rust in the past so a few of us definitely own it.
The only problem, as you mentioned, is time, I really don't want to spend all of my free time on a single game. Maybe in a single event.


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RE: Hosting Rust event? - kasper - 11-14-2017

How about being on a modded server? If i manage to find one with more than 5 people in a clan Laughing

RE: Hosting Rust event? - Randoom - 11-14-2017

Kepler had a server once, maybe you can talk to him if there's interest in having one.

RE: Hosting Rust event? - kasper - 11-14-2017

@Kepler Any thoughts?

RE: Hosting Rust event? - Kepler - 11-14-2017

Its a good idea but im not planning on starting up a rust server again as i had to pay for it and I don't really have to money to do it. Theres a server that me, chatters and reb go on so could always used that server. I forgot what server is called though

RE: Hosting Rust event? - kasper - 11-14-2017

Oh thats ok, we can use that server  that you guys play on. 
Is it official server?
And any rules of how many members can be in a clan?

I do play on one server which is modded, the members in a clan is limited to 5. I want a server which has a lot more than 5 players per clan if we get enough people to play with us from NGG.

The whole concept of this idea is to get as many people as possible to be very powerful and raid bases, it should be fun Big Grin