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Hello! - Meckan - 11-14-2017

Hey there, just signed up to these forums after watching a lot of GTAmissions' videos. I cannot believe how I've never come across this community before, as I'm almost daily on YT watching GTA videos lol. I play on PS4, I'm level 382 and I like to do most things in GTA, especially if it has something with cars to do  Dodgy.  Anyways, here I am ready to have some fun with new people!
Feel free to add my PSN (MrMeckan), and umm, yeah, that's it. Cya!  Wink

RE: Hello! - TheCrookedMarge - 11-15-2017

Nice to meet you bloke. I'm Marge, but not the real Marge. I'm like the crooked one with the ten metre overbite.

RE: Hello! - UMADBRO_OKAY - 11-15-2017

Welcome to NGG, thank you for watching the videos we are glad that but unfortunately PS4 events are inactive  Undecided