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I found your thingy - Crabwich - 03-20-2017

I was rummaging around in the dumpster behind The Vanilla Unicorn last night and found this raccoon mask. It was bloody and smelled awful, like a cat threw up in it... after eating Indian food. Anyway, it had a piece of duct tape inside with a note scribbled on it saying: "If found, return to". So, I'm here to return this mask. I'm not expecting a reward, just knowing that something useful came out of that dumpster is reward enough. 


RE: I found your thingy - Randoom - 03-20-2017

Made me chuckle.


RE: I found your thingy - Stinger - 03-20-2017

Haha, nice introduction!

I'm sure BJ, the master of universe, will be delighted to have his mask back.

Welcome to the forums!

RE: I found your thingy - GTAHQHD - 03-21-2017


Welcome to the forums.