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Tiny Racers - suvdrift - 04-20-2017

So. A new update will come next week. GTA2 style top down view stunt racers



Get ready for a new spin on classic Grand Theft Auto action, with Tiny Racers, coming April 25th. Watch the new trailer above to catch a glimpse of the retro-inspired stunt racing this all-new mode will bring to GTA Online next week.

Seems fun. Could be a bust if it is just 4 car races and not 30. Thoughts?

RE: Tiny Racers - Randoom - 04-20-2017

Woah, unexpected. But 4? Fuck that.

420 discounts, lol.

RE: Tiny Racers - GTAHQHD - 04-20-2017

It's definitely not going to be 30-players, considering it's an adversary mode. Probably 4-8, as usual.

RE: Tiny Racers - Ghost_fox91 - 04-20-2017

They should allow more players to play this mode. Like 12.

RE: Tiny Racers - Valy - 04-21-2017

looks like going back to classic games.

RE: Tiny Racers - Neaksy - 04-21-2017

What the fuck is this shit? We don't need more races, we want new content already. This could be an adversary mode or should've been with the Stunting Cunts DLC, having it as a thing of its own is ridiculous.

RE: Tiny Racers - SawyerJF - 04-21-2017

I'm not sure about this update....... I am thinking Mario Kart ???

GTA series has advanced from helicopter view of the map, now R* are going back to it.

RE: Tiny Racers - Geeert - 04-22-2017

this is bs

RE: Tiny Racers - GTAHQHD - 04-22-2017

It's just a new adversary mode, stop complaining.