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Hello,everyone. - Soviet_spy_303 - 05-17-2017

Hello, NGG my name Is  Zack, or you can call me Zackery, or Zack attack of what makes you feel better. I am russian. I was born there of August 13 2004. We left russia when I was about 4 years old and I don't remember anything being there but stepping on a nail. At this time I am in 7th  and I'll be in 8th after the summer of 2017. I currently have depression after my friend  Lorenzo passed on the 26 of April and I don't want to talk about that and my depression. I like to chat with people in know   and don't know. And the reason there are two spaces between some words cause my phone is being a pain. 
I play on ps4 and I have GTA 5. My psn  is zombiekiller4099. I am learning the german language cause french was just way to hard. I hope you learned a few things about me, and have a great  day.

RE: Hello,everyone. - Stinger - 05-18-2017

Welcome to the forums dude.
My condolences for your loss.

RE: Hello,everyone. - UMADBRO_OKAY - 05-18-2017

Welcome to NGG!