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Spontaneous Event - Valy - 07-16-2017

Hey guys we plan to play tomorrow Spontaneous cards against humanity Event.

If you want to play just join teamspeak at the time.

[Image: 1f5a9md-RlasGKBkoEaNhA.png]

Game: Cards Against Humanity 
Platform: PC
Date: Sunday, July  16, 2017
Time: 21:30PM rus center time
Time Conversion Link: Click Here
Schedule: Create some rounds with wacky answers and blank cards. If you have a card pack, just post it here. Thanks.
Sign up is not nessesary

RE: Spontaneous Event - Valy - 07-16-2017

Done well!

[Image: R4oN_aPIS92CRz8h48XaeA.png]

can be closed.

RE: Spontaneous Event - UMADBRO_OKAY - 07-17-2017

Wrong section you post it in PC event next time Smile

RE: Spontaneous Event - Valy - 07-18-2017

(07-17-2017, 04:42 PM)UMADBRO_OKAY Wrote: Wrong section you post it in PC event next time Smile

its not official event, i'm not an eventhost or some Badge guy.
Chatters asked me to post something quick on the forums if someone wants to join us.
Game was good.