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Listen up you bloated pigs.
Yes. I'm back. I used to be BrapsMcswagger, nobody knows who that is, but I'm that cunt.

I'm here to represent the original Simpsons. I think the simpsons show is dog shit personally, but if you look up 'badly drawn simpsons' you're in for a treat.

Lego Lisa is peng. Bart is a bloated cunt. Homer thinks he's slick. Maggie spits sick bars on the daily.

That's all. 

Got some advice below:
Get a job, bloated shit.
ok Smile
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16Gb RAM DDR4 @ 2144Mhz / SSD 240 Gb / HDD 1TB
Hey I'm Ghost and these are my *friends* I think (not so sure about some people but they are all nice) enjoy your stay and sit back relax as we cruise at 30000 ft past not having a life.

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