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just a sugestion for you
Grand Theft Auto Online 
hey guys i think we could do somthing online soon (sorry but i wont join because i dont have gta ps4 or play on xbox one because the disk drive is broken Cry  Tongue )but anyway i think we could hav a gta online raccoon  war with other players!And antics with gta missions and the reast ,neaksy,stinger,gtahqhd ,and sorry if i missed you Confused Sad Laughing im just trying to get this done but, yeah,,hope we can do thid becayse i know we did this before.......im open to suggestions and a question..........put where your from too i really like to meet new people too by the way i mean country byee

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just a sugestion for you - by GTAraccoon5 - 03-20-2017, 03:51 AM
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