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Hey everyone
Grand Theft Auto Online 
Smile hey how are you
Im new to gta v online on the pc
Ive played it a long time on ps3 and i just bought it for my laptop
Im looking for a nice crew with events and nice people to help me grow in gta v online
And for fun ofcourse
I would like to join the crew please
My social club username is darioferrari251
Im from belgium and im 15 years old
My hobbies are dancing
I live in belgium
Im a boy
Im interested in computers and programming
And im on boarding school
I like playing games like gta v with other people and friends because i dont like playing alone 
And because im new to gta v online on pc
It would be so nice if i could join the crew

Thanks for reading this
And have a great time
You can join one of two official crews listed here.
(08-13-2017, 11:43 AM)Randoom Wrote: You can join one of two official crews listed here.

Have a great time
Hey, Welcome to NGG! Enjoy your stay....

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