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youtube play button award.
can anyone conclusively tell me how to get my fucking 100k subs silver youtube play button?!?!   i'm well past it, but still i'd like to get it so that i could take a shit on it and make a video giving it the finger before i desolve the worthless shit in acid!  1/2 a million mother fuckers sub to me and i can't even pay my car bill.  srsly i just want it so i can make a video of me dropping ass on it before i kill myself and everyone around me. 

jk guys!  i'm totally mentally stable!  I'd just like to know how to get my 100k subs silver youtube button.  I promise i'll do something interesting with it!


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call to youtube
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Go into YouTube helpline ring them about it and they will tell you what to do. But you can go into your YouTube awards without ringing if you want and do what it says from there
What lionek said....
U ok bud?
also. Give youtube a DM for tthat. Maybe they just need your address for shipment
I found this while searching online https://support.google.com/youtube/answe...ktop&oco=0

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