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Life is going on, a last message.
So maybe some people noticed that I was very inactive in the last time, didnt host Events, didnt join Events.
But my life is atm is literally: sleep, school, sleep, work, sleep. There not much time for gaming anymore.
I also have barely time on the weekend because of that. At the weekend I'm doing with stuff my friends
and playing bareley video games. For now I can say I WILL join this Event on Saturday and its probably
my LAST Event that I join this year (I still sign-up as a maybe every Event). I probably gonna have more
time on holidays/vacation or at the latest summer 2018. I had a great time here. Especially on
BonerGamerForums (BGF), OfficeRiotForums (ORF), GameBudsForums (GBF)... Don't let NeXtGenGTA 
die guys. It is/can be an amazing group. Its not just Multiplayer Events, Its more like a famliy, atleast
I felt so. And again a BIG F*CKING THANK YOU to Andrew (BJ) for having such a great time here and in the 
past. Damn theese forums we my childhood, I joined BGF when I was 12/13 years old, now I'm 19 and doing
my Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education in Design which is the main reason why I have no f*cking
time anymore. It would be also nice If I can stay as a Event host, because on vacations I could still host
MTA/GTA IV Events. But life is going on, this is not the end! Iam one of the last members that were still 
active from the BGF/ORF times. But once again. Thank you, Dankeschön for this wonderful time! 
Why the hell are my eyes wet while I writing this text?

With proud best regards

Maurice Kl.
Hey man, not much to say here..life does things if you like it or not. I'm really glad we could play together though. Feel free to host events anytime you want!
I wish you the best with education.

-Your favourite GTAIV DD player Heart
noooo not maurice!  

life takes yet another good soul...

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(09-15-2017, 03:21 AM)gtamissions Wrote: life takes yet another good soul...

This is not the end BJ...

I will come back, thats 4 sure!
Life should always come first before gaming. Just remember to take a break once in a while.
Take care Maurice. Good luck in your school work.
Oh Maurice. Good luck dude.
I hope to finish video where we've  got the best football team ever together.
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good luck maurice Big Grin
I'll miss you Maurice Sad
Goodbye Maurice ;_; < 333
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Man, whose english are we gonna mock now...
Good luck with your education!
Enjoy it, and remember that NGG will always welcome you with open-arms.
Viel glück nochmals ^^
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