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There is discord..
Some people cannot use TS, But I can use it but I'm just saying.. Discord is better.
sorry but not. You can not organize huge human sources without big number of settings. 
And what it is 
Quote:Some people cannot use TS

If they can use Discord, they also can use TS, or they're just retarded and should delete everything from computer and stop playing any game. Smile
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How can people not use TS? It's free and easy to use.

If anyone's having issues with it, post a thread explaining the problem in Technical Suport forum.
What Randoom said. Plus, for our needs, Discord is NOT better. It might be easier to use for users etc. But TS3 has many more options than Discord when it comes to hosting and managing a server. Options we actually use. So we'll stick to TS3 for now.
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If people can use Discord, why can't they use TS too..?

I think TS is for VOIP and Discord is for chat service/voice they are different if you wanna talk as speak/mic while playing game so use TS and on Discord when you are bored since there is no events so talk something like shit, funny, etc if you doing nothing while sitting on computer/laptop...!
Yeah I thought of that when I went to sleep.

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