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Grand Theft Auto V 
Hey Everyone,

I'm not new to GTA 5 Online, but I am new to this Website.
- I'd like to know how to get more involved with the Offroad 4x4 Events?
- Meeting people who can help me out in missions?
- How do you get ‎Kuruma car?
- And just to meet some new people to play the game with?
- How to level up fast and gain money would be good.

P.S: Used to have heaps of money,big place and lots of cars including Kuruma but lost it all because my PS3 was messing around on me. So I would really like some help to get back up to leveling up fast again.

You help me and I will help you! 

Thank you Smile

And hope to hear back from you all soon.

Message me Smile
1. Join the events, some may include offroading, it's usually disclosed in the event thread though.
2. Connect to our TS3 server and find people there to play with.
3. You gotta play the first heist to unlock it.
4. Read 2.
5. Check out How to make money / level up fast sections here.

P.S.: Most of us don't play on PS3/360 anymore so you might have a hard time to find people here for your console.
Remember late afternoon/early evening on Fridays, there used to be GTA4 events on PS3.

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