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Grand Theft Auto Online 
Hey there, just signed up to these forums after watching a lot of GTAmissions' videos. I cannot believe how I've never come across this community before, as I'm almost daily on YT watching GTA videos lol. I play on PS4, I'm level 382 and I like to do most things in GTA, especially if it has something with cars to do  Dodgy.  Anyways, here I am ready to have some fun with new people!
Feel free to add my PSN (MrMeckan), and umm, yeah, that's it. Cya!  Wink
Nice to meet you bloke. I'm Marge, but not the real Marge. I'm like the crooked one with the ten metre overbite.
Get a job, bloated shit.
Welcome to NGG, thank you for watching the videos we are glad that but unfortunately PS4 events are inactive  Undecided

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