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He'llo bois
Grand Theft Auto Online 
He'llo, my name is Vlad, also known as Mr_Vlad_UNiT, Vladdyboi, Vladislav, gayboi and cunt, I usually play PUBG and sometimes Overwatch as well as other games I probably should list it here, I've been pretty inactive in GTA so I've went for a crew hunt again after 6 months of leaving a clan that became unbearable for me to remain active, I was gonna join a crew known as Filthy Animal Crew, turns out its on PS4, although I did got informed by someone called Jammer_Sonar on Socialclub to try this clan, looks pretty fun and active so I hope I'll enjoy my time here! Kiss

Username: Mr_Vlad_UNiT
Age: 23
Location: Romania
Hobbies: Video Games and yelling at rocks
Interests: Friendship, fun and hatred at the same time
welcome dude!  log onto our teamspeak3 some time and ask to join if u see us playing!
[Image: tNV3Cfb.png]
(11-18-2017, 09:29 PM)gtamissions Wrote: welcome dude!  log onto our teamspeak3 some time and ask to join if u see us playing!
Would love to! maybe tomorrow, I'm a bit busy now and it seems the members too on an event Wink
Welcome ma dude Big Grin
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Welcome to NGG..
welcome to NGG
Welcome to fgt club Cool
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Bois? Did you just assume our genders?
Hey I'm Ghost and these are my *friends* I think (not so sure about some people but they are all nice) enjoy your stay and sit back relax as we cruise at 30000 ft past not having a life.
Sorry, my eyesight's pretty bad, can you use a bit bigger font?
No sorry

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