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Event Finished: PC Event | GTA Online | Sat. 11/25/17
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The self professed sexiest noise ever to orbit the earth.
Grand Theft Auto Online 
ok but this is my first time
Grand Theft Auto Online 
90% wil make it

Maybe- will be a bit later if so
[Image: 5_PHKlb_LDBUCLMJsg_Zqxk_Ng_0_0_small.jpg]

Im in. Burritoboy25
Grand Theft Auto Online 
Sc SuperWalrus7
I'm in.

very probable.
id: gocho8
(11-23-2017, 03:52 PM)alex1233365 Wrote: ok but this is my first time

sc name?
[Image: tNV3Cfb.png]
Ill join maybe. SC is Attrocitas
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Can you get the video out today as im looking forward to seeing you guys. Smile
Can't do the thanksgiving skits guys, rockstar didn't give us turkey masks Sad
[Image: tNV3Cfb.png]
AWWWW I love the skits can you do cargo plane snunts then
[Image: zj9QWch.gif]
And can someone kill Neaksy as the first thing as that's always funny plz
I'm in, SkiMan1290

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