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A new Racoon arrived!
Grand Theft Auto Online 
Hey, guys!

My name is MurasameNox, or just Mura if you are too lazy.^^

So, some little infos about me:
I LOVE your videos on YouTube and since I saw the first one, I wanted to be part of NextgenGTA.
I am playing GTA for some months now. Not very long, I know, but for me, it's just about the FUN.

And I am close to level 112 now, so don't think I do nothing, when I am online. Tongue
It's not that serious competetive game stuff for me, anyways.
I just want to have some fun with friends, fooling around with people, just things like that. Cool

It took me some time, to come across this community and it seems you have the same goals in mind, like I do.
Just meet up with the right people, have fun, do some crazy stuff together an enjoy it.

Okay, so ... anyways.
Here I am, ready to go crazy with all of youBlush
Welcome to NGG and have fun. Enjoy your Stay

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