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Do you...?
This topic is made to know each other better on a fun way [Image: bigring.png] 

What you've to do here is, answer the previous question and start a new question with: "Do you.."

for example: 
Leni: "Do you have a pet? 
Italian man: "yes, a dog" , 

Italian man: "Do you like Pizza?" 
French man: Yes
then type a question which starts with "do you"

Let's start, I ask you a question

Do you have your own car?
No, I haven't driven for 20 years.

Do you, or do you someday want to own your own house?

Do you like mcdonalds?
[Image: SrdT592.png]
Yes!.. I love crispy chicken & bacon wrap & fries!

Do you like cat?
Yes. Who hates cats?

Do you you have your computer Jerry Rigged in some way?
What do you mean? Tututu. 

Do you ever got arrested for something?
Eat french fries! They were made in Belgium just like me!
I don't know what is AC?.. No more "what is..".. it's new thread "Do you.."

Do you have brother or sister?
I have one brother and one sister alive still, one sister not.

Do you see your family often?
Yes! Everyday and i cant be more happy!

Do you believe in a god or some sort of religion?

I Know Karate , Kung fu , Tae kwon do , And 28 Other Dangerous Words! 

Do you ever watch anime on a regular basis?
No but i do watch Mr.robot atm , Waiting for The walking dead and Breaking bed!

Do you listen to rock?

I Know Karate , Kung fu , Tae kwon do , And 28 Other Dangerous Words! 
Used to, also alternative rock. 

Do you know ho Jacob Sartorius is?
After a quick google search I see he looks like Ving Rhames.

Do know what the top search engines were before Google took the crown?
No, and I'm afraid to find out. 

Do you ever wave your arms in the air like you just don't care?
Wasn't that popular with DJ's in the 80's in discos?  I never did because I thought it made me look foolish, but maybe that was the point.

Do you ever spike your own drink to take it into a non-alcoholic function/dance/etc.?
Most certainly - the greatest gimmick for a search engine ever.

Do you dance barefoot in the rain under the harvest moon?
Once. Stepped in cow dung and never tried at again. 

Do you ever blow it out your own ass?
Just Air.

Do you ever have cheese with your wine?
If you mean Kwai Chang Caine as played by David Carridine, yes.
If you mean the song "Everybody was Kung Fu fighting" by Carl Douglas, yes.

If you mean the martial art referred to by the above, no.

Do you know what the name of the deadliest insect (not spider) is?
Nope, but I bet it's in Australia.

Do you ever talk with BJ on teamspeak out side of gaming.

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