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team speak is too hard to understand
how i add your server in app?
how i remove the voice notification spam about people leaving joining? (clicked on public thing by default there and it went crazy)
edit: figureed out for now how to add part but srtill need help navigating the mess that is teamspeak...
No challenge is impossible if you give maximum out of yourself
Did you read this?


To disable voice notifications 
Click on Settings > Options > Notifications.
Next to "Sound Pack" select "Sounds deactivated".

When you join, you join the lobby, where you cannot speak or hear others. if you double click on a channel like discussion 1 you can speak to others if you are in the same channel. you can move around channels as you like although there are some channels which you don't have access to like staff channels and event channels. However, you can get moved into these channels.

Any other queries?

just have a look around, and remember "No challenge is impossible if you give maximum out of yourself"
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Notifications on our server occur way less often than on the public one, but If you still want to disable notifications, check out this tutorial.
alright i think i understand how to use basic things over there now, got to speak to someone even
No challenge is impossible if you give maximum out of yourself
Excellent, if you have any other questions feel free to ask someone in teamspeak, or reply to this thread Smile
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