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Official: Information on the GTAmissions Crew
(08-02-2016, 03:37 PM)Neaksy Wrote: [Image: qD5EkcB.png]


The GTAM crew is currently the official crew of the community. People who have this crew as their active one allow us to recognize if they are members of the community or randoms. At this time, anyone can join the crew, so every now and then, we might wipe people out of the crew so it doesn't become full. Specifically, we will kick people who are in the Muscles group. To ensure you aren't kicked next time we perform a cleanup, please post your Social Club username on this thread so we can promote you to a crew Representative, if you meet the following requirements:
  • You have joined at least five events in the past.
  • You are active on both the forums and TeamSpeak.
Note 1: We might kick you if you are inactive for too long, even if you are a Representative. But that is very unlikely, since the majority of crew members are Muscles.
Note 2: Please only post once you meet the requirements.
Note 3: You don't need to be promoted to Crew Representative to participate in our events.

Those are other unofficial crews that you can join, run by other members of the community:
(Contact a moderator to have your crew added to the list)

        [Image: raccoons.jpg]
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Updated with the new crew.

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