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Favourite TV Shows/Series
Game of Thrones
Person of Interest
Bear Grylls Stuff
Two and a half men
How I met your mother

Funny thing I've just noticed, of all those shows, Game of Thrones is the only on that is not yet finished. I find it hard to get into new shows, don't know why. Strugged to get into GoT about a year ago but was encouraged by a female co-worker. Now I'm addicted.

Bold: I own all seasons on Blu-Ray
Yes, I'm the original FreshRigi. The only man left on Xbox, sort of.

Feel free to add me on all kinds of social media stuff. My name is FreshRigi basically everywhere.
- south park (Animated)
- american dad (animated)
- impractical jokers (comedy)
- Mythbusters (Science)
- brooklyn 99 (Comedy i think)

[Image: 15219456_1821014991446207_3817674076387800536_n.jpg]
Did somebody say cookies?!
My top 5:

1. The Office, US Edition

2. South Park

3. Always Sunny in Philadelphia

4. Freaks and Geeks

5. Mythbusters

Honorable Mentions:

How It's Made

Rick and Morty

The Sopranos (Haven't watched too much of it)

Curb Your Enthusiasm


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