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Favourite TV Shows/Series
Game of Thrones
Person of Interest
Bear Grylls Stuff
Two and a half men
How I met your mother

Funny thing I've just noticed, of all those shows, Game of Thrones is the only on that is not yet finished. I find it hard to get into new shows, don't know why. Strugged to get into GoT about a year ago but was encouraged by a female co-worker. Now I'm addicted.

Bold: I own all seasons on Blu-Ray
Yes, I'm the original FreshRigi. The only man left on Xbox.

- south park (Animated)
- american dad (animated)
- impractical jokers (comedy)
- Mythbusters (Science)
- brooklyn 99 (Comedy i think)

[Image: 15219456_1821014991446207_3817674076387800536_n.jpg]
Did somebody say cookies?!

[Image: raccoon_01.jpg]

My top 5:

1. The Office, US Edition

2. South Park

3. Always Sunny in Philadelphia

4. Freaks and Geeks

5. Mythbusters

Honorable Mentions:

How It's Made

Rick and Morty

The Sopranos (Haven't watched too much of it)

Curb Your Enthusiasm


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