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Solved: Empty Desktop Icon Spaces
Completely off topic from gta or the site here but it's gotta do about my pc.
When I play GTA for example, (fullscreen) (that's when it happens most of the time) after playing, closing the game, on my desktop, empty icon spaces are created on their own. Like a shortcut or a folder or something was there, but got deleted when i closed the game and left the empty space.. What could it be?
Pornhub shortcut

[Image: ER5QxpR_700wa_0.gif]
(08-04-2016, 11:29 AM)Ataxious Wrote: Pornhub shortcut

Oh really? Does GTA create it? 
. . .
Are you playing those games at a lower resolution?
No, normal to high
What Neaksy was asking was is there is a different resolution for your Windows desktop (say 1920x1080) than what you play GTA in (say 1600x900). If you play fullscreen mode, the resolution changes to fit the game, and sometimes when Windows comes back after exiting it will momentarily set your resolution of your desktop to the lower resolution and re-arrange your icons to fit, then set it back to normal leaving the icons where it had moved them for the lower resolution.

When you say normal to high, in the settings what are the numbers of the resolution for GTA, and what in the control panel does it say the numbers are for your normal desktop resolution?
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