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Denied: Dear Administrators
I have idea, i'd like move 'status online' next to name profil.
[Image: BUYhIKl-d1g3sRPryhqpdtLnPcv9zouk6LcEJ330...1080-rw-no]
PS. i always wanted to support NGG.
[Image: SrdT592.png]
It was near profile and dunno why they moved to the bottom  Undecided
[Image: signture%281%29.png][Image: signture%282%29.png][Image: signture%283%29.png]
[Image: aa4095152aa0c0c89a01a7fc7634e1d4.png]
I'll look into it later!

Edit: Can't move it up without messing up the entire postbit. Plus I deem it of very little importance. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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