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Rate the car above you!
Reviving another ded thread.
Rules are simple: rate the car in the post above yours (1-10), maybe add some constructive criticism and post a pic of one of your own cars from GTAO.

I'll start (duh)
[Image: KzTo1dD.jpg]
7/10.. it's nice car and i got my own one in garage

[Image: Duke-O-Death-GTA-5-Front-View.jpg]
[Image: signture%281%29.png][Image: signture%282%29.png][Image: signture%283%29.png]
[Image: aa4095152aa0c0c89a01a7fc7634e1d4.png]
10/10.01 i love this car, shame its not in online
[Image: 3457-cargo-plane.jpg]

[Image: DoDoThumb-1416451356190_large.jpg]
Err, 8/10 as can landed on the water! Blush.. But title said "car" and it's not car lol.. Or it will be good if he changes the topic to 'Rate the vehicles / aircraft above you' instead?

[Image: mv8I0Ic.png]
[Image: signture%281%29.png][Image: signture%282%29.png][Image: signture%283%29.png]
[Image: aa4095152aa0c0c89a01a7fc7634e1d4.png]
^^ 9/10 - love that colour combo on that car.

[Image: 30DIM1WYGkifDFNqQdCeIw_0_0.jpg]
8/10 I like the car when become DONK! Big Grin

[Image: dinka-jester-gta-51.jpg]
[Image: signture%281%29.png][Image: signture%282%29.png][Image: signture%283%29.png]
[Image: aa4095152aa0c0c89a01a7fc7634e1d4.png]
Grand Theft Auto IV 
9/10, I know this is kinda late but I like the matte red with the black. i had a nice blue jester not too long ago but i sold it.
[Image: rVxRIafIS0KT5bRURpbadw_0_0.jpg]
Hmmm 2/10.

[Image: SldVpjp.jpg]
1/10 I never liked slow coupes
[Image: CSUvhqzUcAAgHOl.jpg]
Ill say 4/10 , Dont really like the wheels and the color.
If its fine ill give The Crew : Wild Run a go
[Image: FqMTfjb.jpg]

I Know Karate , Kung fu , Tae kwon do , And 28 Other Dangerous Words! 
Wrong pic this is GTA section, so if its allowed here i would say 2/10 because cant see the wheels and nice color.

[Image: MgUGBPV.jpg]
Too much stance, wheels are meh, can't really see the color due to intense filter. 5/10

[Image: 2B5xhLl.jpg]
Good car and simple. 2.5/10
[Image: D1Cjc8j.jpg]
4/10 Dont really like the car , So i guess The Crew & Forza Horizon is fine here? Casue i dont got much pics from GTA: O..
[Image: nqkqp3H.png]

I Know Karate , Kung fu , Tae kwon do , And 28 Other Dangerous Words! 
(12-30-2016, 09:51 PM)Kartov93 Wrote: So i guess The Crew & Forza Horizon is fine here? Casue i dont got much pics from GTA: O..

It's a GTA subforum...

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