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Denied: new topic sorry
When stinger this locked this topic.. http://nextgengta.com/showthread.php?tid=18 then create a new one

what about "Elite member" or something different?.. Trusted seem not right
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maybe veteran would be more appropriate? not all older members are trustworthy or 'elite' Laughing
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There will not be such a rank. I am working on setting up an award system which will have a similar purpose, but ultimately, the Elite rank having been removed from TeamSpeak, we won't add it back anytime soon. We don't need a rank for people to feel like the elite, it will make people feel too special while others will complain how they deserve and want, need that rank. It was created for the sole purpose of recognizing people we can trust for stunt ideas and the likes, but I am very confident that we, the staff, can recognize those people ourselves without labeling people with an unfair and unneeded group. I will also point out that even our older members are likely to troll, because of that we cannot give people a rank based on their activity and how long they have been here for. Stinger also made a very good point on that other thread.

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