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How did you discover NGG?
Grand Theft Auto Online 
How did you guys discover NGG and what made you want to join it?
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i discovered it while surfing for transexual midget pornography.  i was highly disappointed Undecided
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I was randomly going through Youtube and one of your videos popped up. So I watched it and have been hooked ever since.
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If things go wrong, always blame Neaksy!
I used to play CoD a lot, decided dumped with friends cos they called me cheater from Zombies

How I found this community?.. YouTube recommended me to watching many GTA videos that how I saw many cops cars (busted) thumbnail that how I clicked it and found the BGF

BGF, ORF then NGG now
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I was grandfathered in from BGF
Watched BJ back in the day, but only decided years later to join NGG when none of my friends wanted to buy V.
for the busted matches in gta4
I also joined back to the BonerGamerForums [BGF] times, but never played there much maybe cuz my english skilzz wasnt that good at this time (I was 11-12 (2010/2011)) {discovered BGF cause of BJ's Event Videos}

Joined back in the great OfficeRiotForums [ORF] (around March 2012) and played since then on many GTA 4 Events. Than I had a very bad time of my life, I smoked, tooked drugs, robbed etc. but thats an other story...

After my life came to normal & had nothing to do I asked Matt (cam0matt) if ORF was still alive ~Summer 2014, he said "No" than he told me the Story, I know there was an other Forum before NeXtGenGTA [NGG] (can't remember the name lel), than I joined my first Events and felt like shit here, like I was not welcome, didnt had fun, never felt like ORF, I left NGG... (sometimes I joined RJs MTA Events, we should bring them back btw!)

Matt started an Forum too, GameBudsForums [GBF] and there we played like here, every weekend GTA 4/GTA 5 (PS3) and diffrent games. We had ~20 Member, at the most time we where around  12-15 people per Event & had alot of fun like we where an family.... At the beginning of 2015 the Forum was closed, than I had my Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [CS:GO] time and played to much this shitty game, Than Rocket League [RL] got released and played this alot to, I got more & more bored of CS:GO I quitted it & playing it today sometimes. Than arround December 2015 I decided to give NGG another try. The foru... NGG changed alot since 2014, I felt kinda welcome and played on Events until the end of February. Started to play CS:GO again and didnt had much fun on GTA V Events anymore. I quitted CS:GO again and started to play Arma III - Altis Life again. Than I got bored of Arma and all & decided to go back to NGG and since May 2016 I joined almost every weekend an GTA V/GTA IV Event and had lots of fun, lol's, fail's, rage's (<3 2 Mike), and nice, friendly, funny conversations, without theese for... (GOD DAMNIT, RENAME IT TO A ...FORUM AGAIN... xD) without NGG I wouldnt even play GTA V today & never would met nice people like HircyGlowstick, NebisMetal, Mike15_000, Christi, DjChatters & many, many other people (I counted new member's that I met since May)

And yeah... Thats my Story, sry for the long post :3 here is a pota... wrong website...

with much Kanker Debiel

Maurice Kl**** (almost written my full name lel)
I wanted to buy GTA IV, but before I did that I wanted to see some more gameplay on YT. That's when I found BJ's channel, through his channel I found out about that GTA event community, I think it was ORF then. I never really bothered to join though.
Until a year later a friend of mine, Omenz321, convinced me to sign up on the NGG forums where I started to join GTA IV events.
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I was looking up GTA4 mod videos, and came across OfficialNerdCubed's "let's play as a cop!" mod videos. Some related videos showed up on the side, and one was a busted video from GTA5 PS3 days by TheIvaneh. I watched a number of busted videos from Ivan, which turned into busted videos from gtamissions. At first I didn't want to join, because I never had a PS3, and the people of NGG seemed like a bunch of douchebag 13 year olds with the constant shouting and talking over everyone. Then I got a job, and bought a PS4 + GTA 5. Decided to join because the shit NGG did seemed like enough fun for me to put up with the douchebag 13 year olds. Smile

Turns out, for the most part, NGG people are pretty awesome, and I am glad I decided to join. Made me sad when PS4 was basically abandoned for PC, but I managed to scrape up the money for a better computer that could handle GTA 5. I don't get to play very often, but it seems like that may be changing soon. I miss playing with you douchebag 13 year olds.
I was just bored .... browsing videos about GTA IV ... found one video from GTAMissions and got hooked ... before you know it i signed up and started playing GTA with this comunity Big Grin
I was looking at videos of GTAmissions and some others and I thought, "I would love to join this community."
I been subscribed to gtamissions for awhile now  Kiss
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Lets see watched a video of GTAMissions and saw that someone knew livestreamed watched that who was NoMoreMercy really enjoyed watching the shit that you guys did that night and joined in.
I used to suck at doing things with computers and I got GTA EFLC for christmas many years ago (2010 or 2011). I couldn't sign in into Games For Windows Live because I was underage and it really pissed me off because I couldn't save games or play online. One day, when I was bored in the summer of 2012 I got some GTA IV/EFLC suggestions on Youtube and there were videos from BJ and Gussi. I spent a lot of hours with those vids and I thought it would be a good idea to join the forum. I tried to sign in and finally I made it (using another account) and asked people like Camo or Leni how to sign up for events or join them.

I still remember it and also how noob I was speaking English (I'm still a noob, but well I've learnt more English playing than at school) so thank you to those guys from ORF who helped me and who played in events in the good old days.  Heart

IDK if I'll continue playing events because I have to study more now but I'll try.
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Back when GTA IV was brand new and all I had was a PS1 and a shitty computer (well, didn't changed much). So I looked for videos on jewtube with gameplay or some shit and found a lot of BJ's videos (some shit). That was before BGF.
Subbed to the channel, little time later there's a new channel related to BGF. Subbed to that one too, really wanted to play but couldn't register to the forum (region restriction maybe? no idea). Same stuff for ORF. Finally made it to join with NGG when GTA V/Online came out.

btw BJ, come on, make some videos of other games. Don't leave BonersGames alone.
i was kidnapped by isis but they didnt force me to make videos they made me subscribe to gtamissions and join the forums

jk but acctualy i just came trough bjs channel
Grand Theft Auto V 
I looked gta funny moments and it was the funniest thing I have ever seen

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