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How did you discover NGG?
theivaneh panto cargoplane carrier thing back in 2015, started playing when we did the jetski shit with the cargoplane XD
I was given a link to one of Leni's races by a friend as something that I might be interested in, and in the description, Leni was advertising NGG as she does in many of her creations.  So I checked out the website, thought it might be interesting and so here I am.
I used to watch NGG since the SA days. It was 3 (?) years ago , I had a PC that could bearly turn on and i was so jealy so i said that i will join you guys one day! , So here i am. Right here , Trying my best to join every event Big Grin

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ages ago when i was 9 or so found this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0L641eKeWU and started watching alot of bj's videos.

stopped watching for a few years then remembered about him when i was around 13 and discovered ngg like that.

joined when i was 13 or 14 and played in one of iwant's gta iv event.

played quite a few gta v events when that came out on pc and then got banned in december 2015 for 20 years.

buying the game again tomorrow and coming back because i know how much everybody loved me especially neaksy Smile
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My Cousin and me discovered the Playstation 1 in the Age of ... ehhh 7 or 8? We played Final Fantasy and all that Shit and one Time we said: "It would be so awesome if there would be any Game where you can be a Gangster in the Streets and do everything you want."
GTA 1 cames out and we played it Days without sleep.
Time flies !
As i was a Teenager, me and my Friends smoked dat Bong and played GTA:VC instead of learning. Same for GTA:SA
Time flies !
GTA FOUR is out.. of course dem lil Balls are completely in it Wink Then i discovered Stoner Joners Videos on YouTube. My English was even more miserable then now(because i was even high in highshool) Laughing But i registered myself to the Boners Games Forums. After a Long Time doing my own Stuff(Army, Real Life, eSports, YouTube), i came back to ORF and also NGG. Feels good to be home.

This was the Video, wich makes me decide to register(good ol' Times):

Also.. BonersGamesForums was the first Site where a Person registered with the Name "OneMan2Balls". Wink
I found this community pretty much like everyone else found it, browsing through youtube until I stumbled upon some Busted videos which made me join the community. I belong to this community for 5 years now, it's incredible how that number of years passed in a blink of an eye.
Been watching you guys on Youtube for a long time and since my community decided that they wanted to play yet another new game for the 12353Th time instead of getting good at one and be all isolated in their own TS channel on their own i decided enough is enough and get into this..it's been a good decision..

I still play with some of these guys sometimes so i got to time share this, but overall i like this community, so i will stick around some more see where this is going!
I was looking for funny GTA videos, i found the NextGenGTA youtube channel, loved the videos.subbed to the channel. I then saw the teamspeak Ip in a video & was like, holy shit. i need to join these people
Watched IV events and a certain person struck out at me, told me to join orf and here I am. That person was Drewb.
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I always used to watch the missions from GTA San Andreas and Vice City on gtamissions.com. It was a really long time ago. I can't remember how long.
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Watch a video of your channel today and just registerd and i am happy that i am now a part of your crew : )
GTAHQHD's Youtube Channel, i watched one video it was the best video i didn't remember which one i was like ohhh freaking messing up around and talking in the chat as crazy! i thought i would join it! well tbh this is more better than TheIvaneh! ive ever seen...
(09-12-2016, 11:47 PM)GavinTheAmazing Wrote: How did you guys discover NGG and what made you want to join it?

I was browsing YouTube for places to meet and join other GTA Online players with mics.  I have always had the issue of meeting new people online because of the barrier of speaking to one another.  I cannot type and play with a controller at a fast rate what so ever.  I am hoping someone will invite me to a game with them.
ORF.... office riot forums

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It came up as recommended on YouTube, so then I subscribed and watched many videos until I got gta 5 for PC, that was when I decided to join.

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Was surfing the internet, checking youtube videos of GTA 5 stunts and saw a NGG video. Loved it, subscribe to the youtube channel and joined the community
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randomly scrolling through youtube.. i'm so happy that i found this xd
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GTAmissions (YouTube) → ORF → NGG v1 → NGG v2

One of the first videos I've seen was a gameplay of GTA IV (story mode) from BJ.
I'm a casual gamer and I was signed up with a different nickname, so I'm new to everyone.

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I came here from ORF )))
a GTA IV event by GTAMissions. It was way back, i believe when BGF was still a thing. I think it redirected me to this site.
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