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How did you discover NGG?
i was watching a video on youtube and the 3rd video on the list to the right, i saw a GTA 5 video from GTAmissions.. soo yeh i saw it and it was really funny to watch..
in the end of the video was the link to nextgengta.com, so i just took a look for the fun of itTongue  next thing i know.. i joined Big Grin
.i had problems to figure out what to do in a mission in gta san andreas, looked up gtamissions for help, about a year later i was playing through gta 4 and looked up gtamissions again, and found that they played multiplayer. i never really played multiplayer in any game before, so i had no idea on how to do it. this was back in 2008, so wifi wasn't a thing back then and the router was in a different room. i convinced my father to let me use the xbox in his office after a year or so, because some frinds wanted to play halo with me. i then found more gta multiplayer videos and then saw they had a forum, to which i signed up in october 2009, where i joined an event. my english back then was not great, but i somehow made the guys (santaslave, nomoormercy, etc.) like me and we played all sorts of games together. i remember i used to sleep right after school, so that i could stay up longer (because of the time difference) and play games with these guys. good times.

anyway, after the romanian cunt eddie destroyed bgf, we moved to office riot, and at that time people started leaving xbox. in the end, i was only left with a few british people (that also explains why i talk in a british accent, whereas i had an american accent when i started playing with foreign people) and i didn't bother to sign into the office riot forums anymore. when i did try to sign in, i found that officeriot had ceased to exist and everyone had moved on to ngg. i signed up and played a couple of ps3 events (i bought a ps3 only for that) and when everyone except me got a ps4 instead of an xbox one, i stopped playing with them. now my friends on xbox have either stopped playing games alltogether or only ever play some shitty games and talk about anime, which i can't relate to. so now i've moved to pc, only for gta v at the moment, but probably more in the future.

thank you for reading my story.
Yes, I'm the original FreshRigi. The only man left on Xbox, sort of.

Feel free to add me on all kinds of social media stuff. My name is FreshRigi basically everywhere.

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