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Mafia 3 review
TL;DR- It's a pretty game with extreme repetitive gameplay

Mafia 3 is the third installment to the Mafia franchise, and.....It's flawed. Flawed in a way that can ruin it had it not been for the scenery and story. It takes place in a fictionalize New Orleans (yay for me) in 1968, starring Lincoln Clay, who came back from Vietnam. He's thrown into the fire immediately, tries to do what he thinks is the right thing to do, and gets back stabbed. Now on a vengeance hunt, he will go through anyone who stops him in his tracks for revenge.

....And starts the major flaw of the game; repetitive gameplay. The thing is that when you are in this situation you have two choices: go in stealth, or go in guns blazing. Now had this been for a few missions that would be fine, but to take over territory? And have to do it twice to take over a single part of the town? which has 9 territories you can take over can get tiring. and the problem is that taking over territories moves the missions along. Now go back to the first Mafia game, you don't do that at the beginning, it's in the middle of the story where that goes into effect by taking out the main rival family.Mafia 3 is just taking down the main family from the bottom to the top. There really isn't any variety of gameplay for the main missions; the only chance you can get is with a few side missions that involves stealing cars. the other side missions involves the same type of gameplay to steel a truck with goods; be it guns, moonshine, electronics, etc. It really gets to you.

And also getting to you is the unnecessary excessive swearing. Look, I don't mind if an enemy calls me a shit head, but is cocksucking shit head really necessary? It gets very tiring if you go in stealth mode. Having the mute button is a must if you choose going in stealth for taking over a building which helps you take over territory.

You know how there's GTA clone, well Mafia 3 is more of an Assassins Creed clone with how glitchy it is. This isn't Unity bad, but some of the glitches should have been ironed out in post. For example, you can stealth kill someone through a wall. And even better, an enemy that would have witnessed it wouldn't noticed it, even when it happened in front of him. I honestly don't know how this got overlooked.

The plus side is the story, which is a good revenge tale. The way that Lincoln kills the head honcho in each territory is interesting. Spoilers for the kills.
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It's nice when those guys get what they deserve.

Another plus is the scenery. Like I said, this game takes place in a fictionalized version of New Orleans called New Bordeaux. NB takes a few real life buildings and put them in the game, and keeps to the architectural style that New Orleans has. The cars keeps to the time, as does the music (although there are a few anachronisms here and there)

Finally there's the characters. Lincoln should be the hero, but he becomes what he said he wouldn't. The first of the main supporting characters is John Donovan, an ex CIA agent who helps Lincoln along with info on the head honchos who run a territory. He's quite the character, sorta like a loose cannon. The other is Father James, who helped raise Lincoln and his brother Ellis. He's not the father father figure, more like the father friend figure. He wants Lincoln to stop all of his killing, fearing that he would become what he said he wouldn't become. Ellis and Sammy are his brother and "father", basically Sammy raised Lincoln and Ellis. Both are the motivation for Lincoln's killing spree because Spoilers:
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Then you have 3 supporting casts who help Lincoln out in the field; Cassandra, Vito Scaletta, and Tommy Burke. Cassandra is the leader of the Haitian mafia, who was in battle with the Dixie Mafia. Vito is a returning character from Mafia 2, who was exiled from Empire Bay and moved down to NB. Tommy is a drunk Irish fella who has beef with a butcher. Each gives you a freebie (weapons van, person to take excess cash off of you, and a guy to give you a car) and each has pay ability (phones goes down if someone witnessed a crime, cops are paid to look the other way, and a hit squad to help you out.) Each has their perks and is useful in a pinch.
On the other end you have the hit list; Dixie Mafia, Gangsters from Sal Marcano, and Sal Marcano. Dixie Mafia is the KKK in southern hillbilly form. There are 8 guys who rule the other 8 territories, and 7 are killed.
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Then there are 3 Marcanos you have to take care of; Olivia, Lou, and Tommy.
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Finally there's Sal Marcano and his son Giorgi, aka the two that betrayed you. I believe you can guess what happens to them. there are other characters, but they are mostly in cut scenes. Oh wait, there's a completely useless hitman that tries to kill you; it doesn't go his way.

Overall, it's...a mixed bag. If you're a fan of the franchise, then get it. If you're curious about it, pick it up on sale.
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