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Solved: TeamSpeak Server Problem
Hey members, i need your help i didn't know that i have TS server in my desktop i installed it in a while i thought it was going well but its not because its old version it kept disconnecting or kicking out from our events channel i dont know what problem is! i think i need one new version of TS can you give me download link? NOT FROM TS SITE because very slow and the server is epic shit i tried so many time it doesn't works any idea? 

Please help 
Thank in advance Angel
You need a TeamSpeak CLIENT, not server.
Thank you for replying! please read it again what i said, the client or server whatever downloading is extreme slowly asf. and if you are confusing well TS server site is very bad except THE PAGE LOADING......anyway i would find out myself thank you again..
TeamSpeak website is working completely fine for me, I can download the installer with my regular internet speed. Are you sure you're on the correct website?

Be sure to download the correct version (32 or 64-bit, depends on your PC).
Yes of course dude im not big noob, im tried of all as any app website like FileHippo nothing happens i tested other programs like VLC, Chrome etc its working but that one i dont understand why. have you tested that you downloaded yet? anyway i downloaded it! i took a long shit like 7 or 8 hours to got it lol thank you so much SirRandoom.
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