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Watch Dogs 2 Review
So here we are, another review. I didn't plan on it (jk I did) So Watch Dogs 2, the sequel to the most anticipated game of 2014 that ended up being on of the most disappointing games of that year. How did the sequel fair? Well let's find out.

First off, the story has improved a lot. No more is gritty bullshit, but rather a rebels against a big corporation.  The story goes as follows:
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No more is the gritty gravel revenge story from the first game, but rather a more serious tale of how big brother can sell you out. For those who wants to know the big brother and it's puppet corporations:
-Church of New Dawn (black mail story)
-FBI (taking down hacker groups because that's their job)
-Oakland police department (being in cahoots with gangs to have violence, drugs, theft rise so that the police can come in and be the hero)
-Galilei (sends up satellites that monitors various ctOS buildings and surroundings)
-Tidis (makes armed robots for riots, which can be used to kill people
-!Nvite (making the upcoming election to be in favor of a current senator instead of the other person)
-Auntie Shu Boys (hacking)
-Blume (the one behind it all)
A quick edit for a few missions
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The setting is in bight and gay San Fransisco, Oakland, and Silicon Valley. There are land marks you can go and take pics with, but that's for if you want to do that. It helps raise followers, but there isn't a trophy/achievement for doing them all.

The characters goes as follow:
-Marcus Holloway, our hero and somewhat of an asshole. He's black.
-Sitara, our female character who's hair doesn't know if it wants to be with a black guy or white guy, since one side is cornrows and the other is in a pig tail. She's a bitchy asshole
-Wrench is a robotics guy who where's a mask to cover his face and makes his voice robotic. He's a douchebag asshole
-Josh is the main coder, he is a bit socially awkward and has autism. He's an autistic asshole
-Horatio, the other black guy, is quiet and is also a coder. He's cool.
-T-bone, the guide/guru to Deadsec. He's not an asshole.
-Dušan Nemec is our villain of the story, and boy is he the worst written villain I have every seen in a video game. He's written as a regular guy who is calm and peaceful, but they made him to be a bit too calm and peaceful. He's like a combination of a hippy, yoga instructor, rich asshole, and pretentious art collector.

So onto what is the most improved aspect of the game, the gameplay. You can go into each mission LEEEEEEEROY JENKINS! style or can go in stealth. Since I'm a bad shot, I went in stealth. You have two toys to play with; a quad copter for recon and dropping bombs, and a RC car, that can do recon and drop bombs, plus a lot more. There's also guns you can use in a pinch, but with both the quad copter and RC car being able to drop bombs, it becomes a bit overblown. But combat isn't the only thing, you can go explore San Fran, Oakland, and Silicon Valley for research points, key research data, clothes, money bags, and paint jobs. There's also side missions that can unlock a few trophies/achievements, plus clothes and a car. Gravel Mcgritty face Aidan Pierce makes a cameo in a side mission, thankfully he doesn't talk. There's also a few mini-games, but that's if you need money.  There's also a puzzle aspect to it, where the creators went all out on it. Basically, it's fucking elaborate as fuck.The gameplay is addiction to make a long story short.

Now, since this is a Ubisoft games, there are glitches: guard bodies that died from an explosion glitches through walls/the floor, people levitate, cars mate, and I somehow fell through the world. But none of them were game breaking, surprisingly.

Is it good? Yes, it is. There are a few issues I have with it, mainly the online missions can't be turned off in the menu and whenever something that is mission related or part of the exploration, there's a plus sign on top of the phone you use, and it can't be turned off. Other than that, it's great. I recommend it, it's better than the first one.
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