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Newb upset about the modder jerk
Grand Theft Auto Online 
Hey, so I was in Mike's PC event this morning, it was a lot of fun despite the modder causing chaos. I really wish they could've just been a good sport & played normally. Anyway I was wondering what happened after I left after the Insurgent jump game-mode. It was nice to meet some of you guys, though the teamspeak was as chaotic as I was expecting. Anyway thought I'd just say something here, had fun, just wish the modder would have been caught & or played nice.
Hey, thanks for joining.
We did some LTS modes like basketball and cars vs snipers.
Unfortunately it's incredibly hard to pinpoint who's modding, so it might take a while before we figure that out.
Yeah, I already wasn't feeling great & the furor over the modder just kinda got me down. I'm ready to give it another shot for Stinger's event though, he just friended me on GTA.
And again, fucking assholes ruining fun for the new people.
I know this is infuriating for everyone, but please discuss about this topic here.

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