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Fresh Fish
Grand Theft Auto Online 
I go by Sub-Stance (Sub for short). I'm 27 years old and a Vet. I hail from the windy Casper Wyoming but born and raised texan. Most hobbies are video games/movies and relaxing with the prego wife. Interested in just doing whatever random shit i can do to have fun. Can't wait to meet the autism, i mean group. 
Haha welcome to the forums man! You came to the right place.
[Image: WTU9b0T.png]
I can't really say I disagree with that last sentence...

6600k, Sapphire 390, Fury 16GB@2400MHz
GA Z170 K3, 850 EVO 250GB, WD Black 1TB
Hyper 103, Antec TP 750W, Modecom Mag C4
Win10 Pro

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