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Fresh meat from Germany
Grand Theft Auto Online 
Hey, my name is Abduhl, i´m 16 years old and i am from the "beautiful" Germany. After Watching your videos for a year now, i decided to join this crew. At the moment GTA Online just isn´t fun for me alone, and it´s boring Cry . I don´t have a Headset, i will get one soon. I´m also afraid that i can´t play with the you guys because of the time difference... we will see. Smile

Greetings from Germany,


We're one hour difference so I always joins the events start around at 6pm means 7pm for you..

Also, make sure to download the 'TeamSpeak 3' to listen what host said

Enjoy your stay with us Wink

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sign up for the events duuude!
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